6 Kids and a Pop-up Camper

Client: Brand USA
Target Audience: Millennial Families
Product/Service: Self-Driving Tours in USA 






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The Story

One of the best ways to experience the USA is by driving yourself, which was popular amongst visitors from western countries. The growing segment of millennials in SE Asia was also more willing to embark on such journeys and the client wanted to show just how safe and easy it is to enjoy an authentic and satisfying holiday. 

Millennials Telling Millennials

A millennial couple who embarked on a 180-day road trip across 43 states in the USA covering 2,100km with their 6 children was identified and engaged as they had documented their entire trip in journals and photographs, which was compiled into a colourful 300-page book. 

Virtual Travel


Snippets of the book were transformed into digital format for a Facebook campaign to tap on the most widely-used social media platforms in Southeast Asia, featuring a captive audience of 241 million mostly millennial users.  
It was created as an “authentic LIVE brochure” which included videos and photos to let users get a feel of the actual experience of driving from one place to another.  

Launches and Partnerships

To expand the reach and garner more followers, a book launch including media conference was held with the family sharing their first-hand experience to SE Asian journalists. Leading Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) were also roped in to offer self-drive tour packages using the Facebook page as an online guide where consumer questions were easily answered. This increased engagement tremendously as they were able to address real issues and concerns.  

Still Live

The campaign was initially planned for only one month but remains live and active to this day at no added cost. This was partly a result of extensive media coverage in print, broadcast and digital platforms that generated over 3.7 million impressions, and more than 21,000 shares and engagements.  
OTA partners still refer customers to the channel for inspiration and proof that it is really that simple to have a self-drive holiday in the USA and reported that over 67% of customers who visited the Facebook page eventually confirmed bookings of packages.  

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