A World-Class Sporting City and More

Client: Qatar National Tourism Council
Target Audience: Sports and Fitness Enthusiasts
• IAAF World Athletics Championship
• World-Class Sporting City and More




Engagement & Views


PR Value


Having previously hosted the 2006 Asian Games, Qatar scored the hosting rights for the 2022 FIFA World Cup to firmly position Doha as a world-class sporting city. In addition to various global sporting events hosted through the years, Qatar held the 17th International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) World Athletics Championships in 2019, held over 10 days at Khalifa International Stadium.  
Besides the usual sports-focused media targeted mainly at sports fans and participants, it was an opportunity to reach fitness enthusiasts to promote the competition as well as the world-class sporting city and exciting destination.  


Enter the Fitness Influencer

Hong Kong-based Emi Wong, a prominent influencer in SEA and HK was proposed and selected for her focus on health, fitness and wellness tips and routines. 
With almost 2 million YouTube and 400k Instagram followers, her high-quality content embodies her own personality – vibrant, fun and engaging.  

More than Just Sports

Through Instagram Feed (similar to WeChat moments) and Instagram Stories, a 24-hour photo and video post, followers were taken on a dynamic real-time experience of the IAAF Championships.  
In addition to the games, her feeds took fans on a journey to the breathtaking National Museum of Qatar, the bustling alleys of Souq Waqif to the magnificent vast desert, home to Qatar’s Inland Sea. Her memorable moments capturing different picturesque backdrops garnered high levels of engagement and comments.

A Video Forever

Besides her usual fitness routine videos, fans were treated to an inspiring travelogue she produced that showed her exploration of iconic landmarks and authentic Qatari restaurants with insightful information about each attraction. 

Increased Awareness & Interest

Besides generating extensive coverage of the IAAF World Athletics Championships to an even wider audience, there was a marked increase in interest for travel to Doha/Qatar based on fan’s engagement. Common questions posed to Emi included “when is the best time to visit”, “how much do I have to budget for a trip”, and “can you be my tour guide next time?” 

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