An American Musical Journey

Client: Brand USA 
Target Audience: Music Fans/Millennials 
• American Music / Pop Culture  
• Tours to Southern States of USA 







The Story

The USA can be considered the world’s most well-known country because of all the brands, movies and TV shows that practically everyone has been exposed to. The same goes for music, with so many hits coming from American artistes. 

For visitors to the USA, most trips are made to just a few of the most famous cities such as New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.  
With a rising interest in authenticity, uniqueness and “going local” when traveling, it was a perfect opportunity to use America’s signature musical identity to introduce places where various genres of music originated, and to motivate travel to the Southern States of USA. 

Magical 3

A Taiwanese singer-songwriter, Hong Kong aesthetic influencer and a Singapore trendsetter – 3 influencers from 3 markets with 3 distinct styles and 3 common traits: lifestyle, travel and music were identified, selected and sent to New Orleans, Mississippi and Houston (3 again!) for a 9-day (3×3) immersive and inspiring visit the birthplaces of America’s musical heritage. 

Music, Music and More Music

Whether it was in New Orleans where Jazz was born, or the Mississippi that gave the world Blues, to Houston where country music rules, the trio had lots to post and share on their Instagram and Facebook channels, the biggest social media platforms in East Asia. Every day, followers were treated to the sights and of course, sounds of each place they visited. 
Besides stories and pictures of these places, they featured how these regions also produced rock and gospel music, all of which shaped American pop music culture. 


And no music is complete without videos which the three ladies obliged, posting short video clips to go with the stories and photos that were posted daily. Dena, the Taiwanese singer-songwriter even produced a special MTV in New Orleans for her 225,000 fans on YouTube, the largest video sharing platform in the world!

Higher Engagement and Tour Bookings

The over half a million fans of the 3 influencers were so inspired by their journey that it generated more than 96,000 comments, questions and likes. This high engagement rate was a result of very targeted messaging and relevant audiences – all music lovers who also loved travel. The most common question posed was – “where can I book this tour?” which was directed to partner travel agencies who themselves reported high bookings. 

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