Brisbane, Before Anyone Else

Client: Brisbane Marketing
Target Audience: Millennial Travelers
• Creation of Social Media Channels 
• Building on previous efforts and providing fresh and new perspective of Brisbane 






PR Value (AUD)

The Story

As the 3rd largest city in Australia, Brisbane has been called Australia’s Next Big Thing and attracted billions in investments. With massive multi-million dollar developments in infrastructure including tourism assets, the city made a decision to market itself as a travel destination and not rely solely on the country or the state.  
Southeast Asia (SEA) was identified as a high potential market and at the end of 2019, the city embarked on dedicated tourism marketing with the opening of their own offices. 

A Social Media Debut

As part of an overall marketing strategy including sales channels and partnerships, we created dedicated social media channels for Brisbane on key platforms – Facebook and Instagram – identified specifically for the SEA Market. With a large captive user base on both platforms, the new social media channels @VisitBrisbaneSEA would communicate the urban, hip and fresh image of the sunny city. 
With high social media penetration of 63% in SE Asia, these platforms are hugely influential on millennials’ travel-making decisions, making it the perfect virtual space to create awareness of a destination. 


All Things Brisbane

Curating relevant content for the right channels, @VisitBrisbaneSEA Instagram focused on sharing all the must-eats, must-visits and latest news of the city. With diverse cultures of the market comprising Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, the content was localized for each market to inspire followers and invoke their desires to travel to Brisbane.  
Anything and everything important to travellers – accommodations, scenic views, fun experiences, food and snacks, beverages from alcohol to coffee and the latest updates and spots to visit were brought across through vivid imagery, captivating videos and engaging captions.

Expansion - Facebook

A dedicated @VisitBrisbaneSEA Facebook page was also set up to enable the sharing of press releases, YouTube videos and more comprehensive, in-depth content. Being a more open platform, it encourages and facilitates the easy sharing of content to expand the reach using the most widely used social media platform in SEA. 

Telling a New Story

The creation of the new channels practically launched Brisbane as a new destination and changed existing perceptions that had previously been formed when it was “part of Australia/Queensland”. Targeting millennials specifically boosted the fresh and trendy image, as they were inspired by the upcoming developments and hip experiences the city already offered.  
Initial engagements attracted like-minded users, as millennials attracted millennials, and conversations centered on how most of them could not wait to travel to Brisbane. 

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