Client: World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) 
Target Audience: Global Tourism Community   
Product/Service: Morale Booster Initiative to Inspire and “Keep the Spark of Travel Alive” 




Media & Influencer Reach


Private Sector Endorsements

The Story

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented standstill in world tourism. It has made the community and industry particularly vulnerable as millions of travel-related jobs are at risk of being redundant.  
The WTTC identified a need to lift the spirits of the community all over the world and inject positivity and encouragement for the industry. 

Bonding #TogetherInTravel

A campaign to encourage planning of future travel was developed to incorporate reliving precious memories and moments of past adventures.  
It combined stunning and emotional video content, engagement of influencers, a microsite, and user-submitted memories to stimulate conversations and generate high levels of engagement.  

All Out Social Media Exposure

Simultaneously on 20th April, content and creative were posted across all social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Medium, together with the official hashtag #TogetherInTravel.  

Brandstory, together with MMGY, Hills Balfour and Travel Consul Network actively recruited travel industry partners to link and share the campaign on their own channels to widen the reach.

Invitation to Media and Influencers

Extending beyond the industry, the wider community of media and influencers were also mobilized. This created a viral effect that attracted even more user-generated content, with real-life stories adding a human touch and fresh perspectives on travel.

A Living Community

The extensive reach of the campaign created a new community space for everyone to share their passion for travel despite current restrictions. The combined efforts of travel partners, media players and influencers from over 150 countries opened up discussions, ranging from throwback adventures to new destinations to add to their bucket list.  
Besides a willingness and solidarity to come together, the viral effect ensured that new conversations continued to emerge, lengthening the lifespan of the campaign. More importantly, it gives everyone in the industry and community a sense of hope and belief in the future of travel. 

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