Trump-Kim for WeGoGo

Client: WeGoGo / WeGold
Target Audience: Cryptocurrency Investors / Blockchain Community
Product/Service: WeGold Tokens (Cryptocurrency) 






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The Story


WeGold is the cryptocurrency of a social discovery AI travel platform that lets users earn as they travel and buy tourism products and experiences using the tokens which can also be purchased. At the height of the cryptocurrency boom, tech and blockchain investors were spoilt for choice with tokens being launched and a solution to stand out from the crowd was needed. 

Global Spotlight

The perfect opportunity arose when the leaders of the USA and North Korea made a historical meeting. With the whole world’s attention on this summit, we combined “travel”. “world peace” with the hottest topic that everyone was talking about, into a multi-channel, 5 platform social media campaign.  

WeGold #TrumpKimSummit Social Media Campaign

Launched on Facebook (over 2.5 billion monthly active users) and Twitter (321 million monthly active users), it ensured the campaign reached a global audience. The historical meeting in Singapore was the perfect travel backdrop with the accompanying slogan “World Peace”. WeGold’s own objective was to inspire world peace through travel, so it was 100% in alignment.  

Focused Approach

To reach investors directly, the campaign included Telegram, Reddit and Medium (with over 800 million users combined) and stood out from all other token launches that were vying for attention in these platforms where millions of dollars of cryptocurrencies were being traded daily.  


Media Publicity and Oversubscription

Besides the high penetration rate on social media channels and the amount of engagement, WeGold became one of the most talked-about token launches (similar to IPOs – Initial Public Offerings) and found its way into The Wall Street Journal, Fortune and Yahoo! Finance articles. 
More importantly, the interest raised resulted in over 3,500 applications to be considered to be buyers during the launch phase, almost double the 2,000 original targets.  

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