Rafael Villanueva, Vice President of Global Business Sales

Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority

"We’ve been going after China aggressively since 2008 when we hired our PR and communications firm, BrandStory (based in Shanghai), which is operated by Peter and Reene Ho-Phang. They have good marketing sense and they work well with the Chinese trade. If you ever travel with us while promoting Las Vegas, you will never hear gaming mentioned during our presentations. There’s no need to. We now emphasize the variety of attractions, aside from gaming, that appeal to Chinese visitors, such as Las Vegas being the gateway to the Grand Canyon and the scenic Southwest."

Jacqui Higgs, Group Marketing Director, Board Member (Previously)

Hogg Robinson Group, London HQ

"I have personally worked with BrandStory (Reene and Peter Ho-Phang) since 2004 when we were signing a JV with our Partner in China (Jing Jiang International) and needed to promote the HRG story. It was initially a one-off project but has developed into a longer term relationship. For the last eight years, BrandStory has been our appointed PR agency for the AsPac region with a particular focus on Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong and Australia. Led by Reene and Peter, the whole team is totally dedicated and committed to the practice of PR. I can honestly say that I don’t think I have ever worked with such a thoroughly professional group of PR people. Their response to briefs is immediate and effective, they present new ideas and their follow through is second to none. Actually, I would like to be able to clone them but Reene doesn’t want to extend the business beyond their geographic area of specialism, which is another point in their favour. I can’t recommend them too highly."

Thomas Garzilli, Senior Vice President

Global Sponsorships Brand USA

"Hello Reene, what a pleasure it was to be with you and your team this week - It was productive and educational for me and I appreciated the opportunity to meet so many enthusiastic supporters of the Brand USA mission. Through your leadership, the BrandUSA team has done great work for us, and your success was quite evident this week at ITB Asia. I look forward to working with you in the future and to seeing you again soon."

Elisabeth Wieselthaler-Toelly, Director, Media Relations

International San Francisco Travel

"On behalf of the entire San Francisco Travel delegation, I want to thank you and the whole BrandStory Hong Kong team once again for helping organize our event last Friday.
All I can say is: You did a fantastic job! From the planning to the execution and follow-up, everything has been just flawless. San Francisco Travel works with a lot of agencies who assist us to organize client & media events all around the globe, and we very rarely get services with such a degree of perfection and detail orientedness as you have provided. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to work with you."

Ron Kuhlman, V.P. Tourism Marketing & Sales

Virginia Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau

"Dear Reene and Peter, A big thank you for all the behind the scenes work your team did for us to make the Air China-CRUSA China mission a success. Your team members worked through your New Year holiday and then saw to every detail before, during and after our event. This is another good mission where BrandStory has made us all look good due to your hard work and excellent industry contacts. I look forward to working with the BrandStory team again."


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