Discovering America's Capital Region

Target Audience: Chinese Millennials


Million Exposures on CRUSA Weibo


New followers on CRUSA's Weibo


Exposures on National Geographic Traveler WeChat

The Story

The “Create Your Own Travel” Experience

As the in-market representative for Capital Region USA (CRUSA), our task was to spark desire for travel.

In doing so, we collaborated with National Geographic Traveler (NGT) and uploaded scenic photos with explanations, to illustrate the uniqueness of the respective cities on NGT’s WeChat page.

We provided potential tourists with the opportunity to get to know CRUSA’s diverse tourism offerings by getting users to share their itineraries for a 6-day Fully Independent Traveler (FIT) plan on Weibo.

The Goal

Massive Online Participation 

Through social media platforms such as Weibo, we wanted to raise awareness of the region and encourage more travelers to explore CRUSA’s culture and history.

Based on all the individual itinerary submissions, two winners were chosen to experience what they listed exactly in their itineraries!

The Solution

Designing Your Own Itinerary – Well Received! 

On top of the 2200+ new followers on CRUSA’s Weibo, there was massive participation by Weibo followers and they helped to increase CRUSA’s page views on Weibo (1.41 million impressions).

Liyang Liu and Greg Chen were chosen as the two winners of the campaign and they shared their experiences to drive the exposure.

Liyang, with a following base of over 1.3 million people, shared the results on her Weibo account and received favorable responses. Her post was shared 664 times by her followers. On top of that, the post managed to garner 643 comments and 262 likes.

Greg has years of experience in photography and is a contract photographer of Gerry US. He is an active user on both Weibo and WeChat and likes to share his interesting travel stories on such platforms. With more than 17,000 followers on Weibo, his travelogues were well-received and manage to reach out to a key target audience.

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