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The Story

Let’s Go Hawai’i!

The Hawaiian Islands has plenty to offer visitors! From surfing and hula dances to scuba diving and embarking on a helicopter flight, there are lots to see and do between the mountains and the ocean.

As the Hawai’i Tourism Authority’s representative in China, our task was to attract more Chinese, specifically, Chinese Millennials, to visit the Hawaiian Islands and experience the destination’s culture and life. A series of digital games to introduce the unique characteristics of each Hawaiian Island was developed.

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The Goal

Discover the Spirit of Aloha

We wanted to attract young adventure seekers to Hawai’i by introducing the destination as a fun-filled place and what each island has in store for them. Ultimately, we wanted to drive bookings for Hawaiian travel.

Our secondary aim was to educate the vast Chinese market and increase awareness about the distinctive differences of each of the six Hawaiian Islands through gaming and social media.

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The Solution

Go Digital

To promote the rich diversity of Hawaiian experiences to Chinese Millennials and reach out to them in a fun and engaging manner, a series of six digital games was designed. And to bring out the uniqueness of each of the six Hawaiian island, elements like wakeboard surfing, hula dances, Lei greetings, Oli and Polynesian nature and wildlife were included in the digital game. To drive user participation, a contest to reward the top three gamers with the highest scores was rolled out with highly attractive travel prizes, including prizes worth RMB 66,666!

Additionally, we harnessed the power of social media influencers to create buzz surrounding the digital game and generate Millennials’ interest in visiting the Hawaiian Island through a FAM trip.

All in all, we successfully achieved a total of 10.5 million page views since the game was launched and attracted 35,174 gamers within a month!

6 Travel Inspirations - The Solutions

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