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The Story

Getting Millennials to Visit the USA

Today, Millennials have grown to be a major market share of the travel industry, particularly Free and Independent Travel (FIT). They live life online and carry short attention spans.

To capture their attention, we paired up with popular social influencer, Faye Chow, to bring out the hip and trendy side of the USA through an engaging and lively road trip from California to New Mexico that aired on Viu TV, a leading digital TV channel.

Faye Chow, whose blog attracts over 100,000 monthly views, also promoted the trip on her social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and Weibo!

The Story

The Goal

Fly with Faye Chow to America!

As Brand USA’s representative in Hong Kong, we were tasked to attract Hong Kong’s Generation Y to visit the USA.

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At the same time, we wanted to promote the Great Outdoors and all 50 States of the USA. Together with our partners, we developed a series of ten 22-minute programs for viewers to enjoy and generate interest about the destination!

The Solution

A Blogger’s FAM Aired on TV

We organized a Social Media Influencer FAM with the support of Delta Air Lines and Viu TV to film a travelogue featuring the Great Outdoors, hosted by Faye Chow. We conceptualized and planned a 20-day road trip, which included visits to Las Vegas, Phoenix, Arizona, El Paso, Tombstone and Marfa Texas.

The Solution 2

The road trip also highlighted visits to destinations off-the-beaten-path like Seven Magic Mountains, Horse Shoe Bend, Meteor Crater, Red Rock Canyon and Area 51, while exploring the unique shops, hipster cafes and fancy restaurants along the way!

Fly with Faye - Solution

The blogger’s FAM attracted over 2.1 million daily viewers, successfully generating a total viewership of 46.7 million! Faye Chow also actively engaged her fans by posting live updates and pictures to her Facebook, Instagram and Weibo channels, generating a total of 45,389 engagements!

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The Solution

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