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The Story

Get To Know CRUSA Via Presidents

Steeped in historic sites and cultural landmarks, the Capital Region USA (CRUSA) is dotted with dozens of Presidential homes. From the cozy abodes of America’s 1st Statesman George Washington to the influential Barrack Obama, the region is the place to visit for those wanting to peek into the residences of the nation’s Head of States!

As CRUSA’s in-market representative, our task was to spark desire for travel by positioning Washington D.C., Virginia and Maryland as exclusive cities that were homes to popular American Presidents. Collaborating with Sina Weibo and Mafengwo, we ran “Regions Of The Presidents”, a 2-week initiative comprising of pictures, famous quotes and destination features.

The Goal

Make Friends With A President!

The Capital Region USA is the only region in the whole of America with the most number of houses belonging to American Presidents, including George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Barrack Obama, William Henry Harrison, Thomas Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

We wanted to raise awareness about the region as the most inhibited by U.S. Presidents and encourage Chinese Millennials to explore its culture and history.

Tapping on the power of WeChat, we created user accounts for 8 Presidents, where users were able to add them to their circle of friends, and even chat with each President! Each individual profile was filled with pictures and posts for users to further engage with.

The Solution

Regions Of The Presidents

Powering WeChat with advanced targeting tools helped drive outreach for both quality and quantity. Core audience targeting also reached people most likely to be interested in the region’s events based on demographics, location, interests and behavior.

The individual WeChat profiles for 8 popular U.S. Presidents added an entertaining edge, as users could now add “Presidents” into their circle of friends, read and share their Moments – which included attractive pictures of travel attractions, photos of their homes, famous quotes and day-today activities. All this contributed to increasing traffic and user engagement on our account, which generated conversions.

Research has been done to fully capture the essence of each president and their preferences in each crafted post, such as President Obama’s favorite apple pie.

In addition, tapping on the heated discussions of the U.S. presidential elections that were ongoing at the time of the campaign, the app also pushed a voting game that allowed users to send their greetings and vote for their favourite U.S. president!

During the 2 week campaign, the initiative received an outstanding 10 million impressions – significantly boosting its bottom line by reaching out to the right people. The WeChat content-generated marketing efforts were also shared to popular digital channels including Sina Weibo and Mafengwo!

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